Hot Dog Bun recipe

hot dog
HotDog bun

- High protein flour 250 gr
- Cake flour 250 gr
- Sugar 100 gr
- Salt 7 g
- 3 g baker bonus
- 11 gr instant yeast
- Milk powder 25 gr
- Chicken egg 1 egg
- Water 250 ml
- White butter 90 gr
- Evaporated milk just enough to spread
- 2 tablespoons white sesame

how to make:

1. dissolve the salt and water, set aside.
2. mix all ingredients except salt, eggs, margarine, evaporated milk and sesame. stir and blend.
3. break an egg in the middle of the dry batter mix, pour water slowly and knead until the dough in half smooth.
4. input margarine, knead again until smooth. the dough into 16 pieces, round it off. cover the dough with plastic, rest for 25 minutes.
5. make lengthwise dough.
6. arrange in a baking dish spread with margarine. put it back rest for 45 minutes.
7. basting with evaporated milk, sprinkle with sesame seeds.
8. bake at 180 c for 20 minutes.

hot dog

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