hot dog's beef sausages

hot dog

- 500 g beef
- 200 gr tapioca starch
- Egg whites 3 eggs
- 1 teaspoon pepper
- 3 cloves garlic, mashed
- Salt to taste
- Granulated sugar 1/2 tablespoon
- 100 ml ice water or crushed ice 150 gr
- A special plastic sausage (casing)

how to make:
1. separate meat from fat and connective tissue, if any. meat mixed with some water ice.
2. puree with foodprocessor.
3. meat mixed with other ingredients and stir well. input into the plastic dough triangles.
4. spray dough into a sausage casing until the dough runs out. Close the casing and tie ends with string, then tie back every 10 cm from the end of the bond.
5. steamed / boiled sausages until cooked 30 minutes. Lift and input in cold water. drain and remove from the rope binding the thread.
6. sausage is ready for use.

hot dog

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